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Career Counseling, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Assessment

There is no substitute for know-how when it comes to making your way in the business world. Being able to rely on someone who has “been there, done that,” can’t be overstated. It’s a value beyond measure and gives you an edge when you’re trying to make yourself stand out, whether it’s in a job interview or a recruiting session. That’s where the professional branding services of an individual, such as Bob Sellery, prove themselves to be practical and reliable tools.

He draws upon a wealth of time in the trenches of the executive search and recruiting world to help clients portray themselves in the best way possible. Together, you and Bob maximize your strengths and shore up those areas that need a bit of polish.
Bob Sellery brings over 40 years of experience in executive recruiting to those people who need help deciding whether to stay in their current situation or begin to explore other options. Bob will help you analyze your job, yourself, and coach you to meet your needs, including a resume. He will also help you set up an effective network, and use the network to get introductions to people in organizations where you want to work:

Bob’s experience with career counseling, executive coaching, and leadership assessment includes:

Bob Sellery - Counselor | Ponte Vedra, FL

Getting people ready to meet an HR representative or a headhunter.

Coaching people that want to move from one industry to another.

Presentations at several outplacement firms.

For organizations, Bob can help with leadership assessment, hiring decisions, and compensation.

Bob’s experience with a variety of organizations includes:

Banking, manufacturing, wildlife conservation, pension funds, publishing, investment banking, and education. His full experience list is available upon request.

Proven to Work

As you can see from these glowing tributes from clients, Bob knows his stuff, and more importantly, he knows how to apply his personal branding skills toward helping clients. This is proof that he can bring to life and fully express ideas and concepts that prove valuable across the spectrum of businesses and professions.  Here you can see how he’s helped others and then take a moment to picture how you can make use of the talents Bob has. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Client comments: “You are awesome! Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to work on my ‘personal packaging.’”

“Your insights are valuable. Don’t think we (an organization) have strong expertise in your areas.”

HR at an organization: “Thank you for your comments about how to read a ‘sketchy’ resume and explore background checks.”

“I had heard there was a difference between leadership and management. But no one explained it as well as you.” This is a reference at a conference about our presentation and publication, The Difference between Leadership and Management: How to Lead and Let Others Manage.

Other publications include Some Topics in Career Management, which we believe is competitive with What Color is Your Parachute; “How to Hire an Executive,” Business Horizons, Indiana University Graduate School of Business and Jobs, Careers and Compensation in the Nonprofit Sector.

All publications will be available to clients at no cost.

Credentials: M.B.A., Rutgers University. A.B., Princeton University. Initial executive coaching, career counseling, and leadership assessment as part of executive search at Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc.