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Welcome to Robert Sellery Associates, LLC

Bob Sellery

I am Bob Sellery, founder, President and CEO.  We are a continuation of my work of 50 years in management consulting and executive search, starting at Booz, Allen & Hamilton Inc, and academic administration at Princeton University.

I am standing in front of some of our library, containing extensive volumes and files about career counseling, leadership assessment and nonprofit jobs, compensation and careers in the sector.

The library, and our electronic databases and files, have information from our consulting assignments, which is used in our career counseling, leadership assessment, and information for graduating seniors and mid-career executives about jobs, compensation and careers in the nonprofit sector.

We also get special requests about some aspect of our work relating to prior experience.  Some examples of special requests are: advising a Mid-Atlantic financial institution about corporate social responsibility, providing demographics about generational shifts, and advising an historic castle in Germany about contacts in the U.S. film production business to consider the castle in future films;

Electronic Databases

We Use Microsoft Access Databases

Our fees for advisory services are based on the difficulty of the assignment and the estimated time to deliver a quality product that we believe will be successful. Our prices for publications are flexible, depending on the circumstance. We also offer discounts for bulk sales. We can offer discounts to graduating seniors and people in between employment assignments. We will discuss special assignments upon request.

Shop Now in our Store for publications which come from our consulting and advisory work.  We hope some of the publications will be helpful to you.